Puts at your disposal Doctors at home, our Doctors on call are General Practitioners, or Emergency Doctors, who manage your emergency at home, in case of need we call our Ambulance Rabat, or Ambulance Salé, or Ambulance Témara

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Doctor at Home Rabat 24/7

SOS MEDECIN RABAT are here for you. For outpatient care, EMERGENCY and home care and medical accompaniment to a free hospital structure of your choice. The Doctors on call are watching over you. They are called and informed of your condition in real time by the emergency doctor regulator of 0537 73 736,our doctors are located everywhere in rabat and region to guarantee any rapid emergency intervention, the regulating doctor organizes and instantly sends the adapted doctor closest to your address situation and this 24 hours a day. The Emergency Physician consists of quickly assessing the severity of the patient’s condition. Emergency physicians also take care of their medical care, and the referrals according to his diagnosis to the service corresponding to their pathology (toxicology, cardio-respiratory, medico-social, pediatric …). The home doctor is responsible for restoring or stabilizing the vital functions of a patient (through intubation, oxygenation, resuscitation …). in emergency at home we put infusions, organize the monitoring, place the electrodes, perform an electrocardiogram, measure vital parameters. The emergency physician applies techniques for patient immobilization, relief and ambulance transport. The Emergency Physician works in close collaboration with all hospital structures. The Emergency Physician in his qualities reactive, efficient, organized, endowed with an excellent sense of relationship and adapts to all emergency situations. telephone sos doctors, Our control center located at 46 AV OKBA N 2 AGDAL in Rabat 0537 73 73 76. SOS medecin Rabat at the service of the patient, medication and oxygen therapy. SOS MEDECIN RABAT is at your disposal 24/7 for any need for urgent medical assistance in Rabat and region and guarantees you the appropriate medical response to the specificity of your emergency. SOS MEDECIN RABAT offers you the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of its center of regulation and listening to medical aid accessible 24/7 and which ensures the permanence of care, responds to any type of un programmed care and which consists, after analysis of medical and contextual information justifying the call and the adherence of the caller to the medical decision communicated, to deploy urgently to the site of a qualified home doctor or medical team depending on the type of emergency.

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Services - Doctor On Call Rabat

SOS MEDECIN RABAT offers a whole range of home medical assistance and urgent care services: – Home consultation or Medecin a domicile rabat,provided by qualified and experienced doctors, who can issue a prescription, provide first aid or ensure the transport of the patient to a hospital structure closest to the patient’s home, if necessary. -Emergency home visit of emergency doctors experienced in any type of emergency and who moves quickly on all districts of Rabat, all equipped with oxygen, electrocardiogram, carbon monoxide detector, nebulizer aerosol, pulse oximeter and emergency therapeutics. Doctors are directed to visits based on their proximity and the level of urgency of it. – The mobilization of a doctor on call 24/7 to listen to you, advise you on your state of health, organize your visit to a doctor or refer you to a pharmacy on call or to an appropriate emergency service. – Transport of multi-channel patients (Ambulance Rabat, Ambulance Salé, Ambulance Temara, Ambulance medicalized, sos ambulance, evacuation and medical repatriation by plane or sea)










SOS MEDECIN RABAT, provides the population of Rabat with quality, effective and appropriate emergency medical assistance services, in order to reduce mortality and morbidity associated with urgent medical conditions. SOS MEDECIN RABAT is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating the services of the pre-hospital intervention chain (home doctor, home consultation, doctor on call, patient transport …) in all the municipalities of Greater Rabat. Vision -To be a model of excellence and professionalism in the provision and management of pre-hospital emergency care and services in Rabat and throughout Morocco. -To be a strong and recognized link in the chain of intervention of pre-hospital emergency services, its doctors for home visits, home consultations, and its medical patient transport services -To be recognized for its corporate culture, focused on respect for people and the ability to listen and solve emergency health problems. Securities

SOS MEDECIN RABAT, puise ses valeurs de la tradition médicale au sens universel, qui sont :

– Responsiveness – Competence – Respect – Diligence – Integrity

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Puts at your disposal Doctors at home, our Doctors on call are General Practitioners, or Emergency Doctors, who manage your emergency at home, in case of need we call our Ambulance Rabat, or Ambulance Salé, or Ambulance Témara